All Day Menu

Free Range Eggs your way on Toast (V) (GFO)  10
Poached, fried, or scrambled eggs served on multigrain, sourdough, or gluten-free toast.

Breakfast Roll (GFO) (VO)  14
Thick-cut bacon, fried egg, hose-made BBQ sauce, fresh colesaw, cheddar cheese and aioli.
*Add hash brown  +4 *Add burger patty  +5

Egg Skillet (VEO) (GFO)  21
Braised tomato sauce with eggs shakshuka topped with Persian feta, fat contiental sausage, rocket salad, Tuscan olive bread and capsicum and chilli chutney.

Braised Baked Beans (VE) (GFO)  19
Spiced baked beans, with sauteed broccolini and brussel sprouts topped with toasted almonds, served with grilled sourdough bread.

Vanilla and Coconut Porrage (VE) (GFO)  19
Vanila and coconut oats, poached vanilla nashi pear and apple, toasted granola, coconut flakes and seasonal fruits

Avocado on toast (V) (VEO) (GFO)  19
Lemon spiced avocado smash on multigrain toast, burnt cauliflower puree, goats cheese mousse sauteed spinach, homemade hazelnut dukkha, toasted cauliflower and poached eggs.
*Add maple bacon +4 *Add pulled beef +5

Hangover Breakfast  29

Sourdough toast, thick continential sausage, thick-cut bacon, whole grilled tomatoes, hallomi cheese, pan-fried mushrooms, 2 fried eggs, braised baked beans and a hash brown.



Add sides and Extras

Saganaki and Lemon (V) *Perfect to share  12
Sliced Avocado and Lemon (VE+GF)  5
Thick-cut Bacon (GF)  5 
Sauteed Mushroom (VE+GF)  4.5 
House-made Baked Beans (VE+GF)  5
Massive Potato Hash Brown 6
Halloumi and Lemon (V+GF) 5
Sauteed Spinach 4
Garlic Sautéed Broccolini (VE+GF) 5
Pulled Beef (GF) 5
Beer-Battered Fries  small 3.50 large 6



GF – Gluten Free

V – Vegetarian

VE – Vegan

GFO – Gluten Free Option

VO – Vegetarian Option

VEO – Vegan Option

Ricotta Donuts (V)  19
Many little ricotta doughnuts, Nutella fondue, chocolate soil, meringue
shard, seasonal berries and poached fruits

Apple Crumble Soufflé Pancakes (V)  18
Original soufflé pancakes, house-made stewed apples, seasonal
berries, oat crumble, Persian fairy floss, cinnamon maple syrup and
vanilla ice cream

Polenta and Wild Mushroom (VEO) (GFO)  17
Creamy polenta with wild mushrooms, chargrilled sourdough,
sautéed broccolini and topped with manchego cheese
*Add your egg your way  +3

Bigger and Better Sticky Chicken Burger  25
Buttermilk fried chicken thigh, sticky chilli sauce, sriracha
mayonnaise, cucumber, fresh coleslaw on a grilled homemade bun
served with beer-battered fries.
*Add maple bacon  +4 *Add burger patty  +5 *Add pulled beef  +5

Cheeseburger (GFO)  22
House-made beef patty, topped with bbq pulled beef, double
cheddar, pickles, tomato, lettuce mayonnaise on a brioche bun
served with beer-battered fries.
*Add burger patty +5

Slow-cooked Lamb Salad (VEO)  24
Mixed grain salad and roast pumpkin salad, za’atar braised lamb,
toasted almonds, fresh herbs, currents and pomegranate yoghurt.

Kebapi  5 for 16 or 10 for 26
Grilled Kebapi, served with ajvar, paprika chilli, cabbage coleslaw,
grilled homemade bread, diced onion, pickled chillies, and beer-battered fries.
*Choice of beef or pork and beef